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Kat Ovsak


"Don't Let Pain Hold You Back"


29 Years Old



United States

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I am a textile artist from Kerhonkson, New York and currently living and working in Austin, Texas. Since my childhood I have loved being creative and learning new art mediums. From coloring books as a child, sculpting clay in high school ceramics, to printmaking in college, creating art has always been my healthy outlet. In times of growth, love, tragedy, grief, and healing; my work has served as an archive of my memories. 

The name Night Angel comes from a transformative time in my life. A year before the loss of both of my parents in a tragic murder suicide, I suffered from realistic violent nightmares on a daily basis. (With time I had realized these nightmares were premonitions of the violent nature of my parents passing, since the nightmares had come to an abrupt stop.) In the last few months of my mother's life, she took me to different healers to find me some relief. One healer in particular called me an angel of the night, a protector of darkness. Overtime I have identified and stuck with the term Night Angel.

Night Angel is my safe space to create new work without restraints, a place to heal my inner child, and a place to share my vulnerability with others. Give love and get love. <3

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